How it works

A Clue Zealand adventure is a unique way to explore the towns and cities of NZ, while testing your mind and problem solving skills! Fans of escape rooms and solving crypic clues will love the Clue Zealand quest, and we're so confidenct of that we'll offer a refund if you don't have fun! Click here for more details.

So, how does a Clue Zealand adventure work?

1. Firstly, choose your game!

We currently offer quests in Auckland and Rotorua, each with adventures suitable for adults as well as children. Click here to view our available quests.

2. Get to the starting point

We'll email the starting location to you, so grab a group of friends and head out! (you can do this on any day, at any time - no rush!)

3. Receive the first clue

Once you've arrived, click Begin and get started with your first clue.

4. Explore nearby to find the answer

Solve the first clue! You can always ask for a hint if you get stuck.

5. Send in your answer

If you're correct, you'll get the next clue straight away to continue the quest. You can guess as many times as you want, or skip a question if it's proving to be too tricky.

6. Solve the clues as fast as possible

Explore the towns of New Zealand, unravelling mysteries and hopefully making it on to the leaderboard!